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Hollywood Actress Pleaded to God To Make Himself Real and Then Got This Shocking Response
by Will Maule : Dec 5, 2018 : Pure Flix Insider via Faithwire

"God knew that He had to give me a blatant miraculous sign to say, 'Your time on this earth is not done yet.'" -Andrea Logan White

(Hollywood, CA)—[] "Malibu Dan the Family Man" stars Andrea Logan White and Kelly Stables recently revealed some behind-the-scenes about their popular sitcom. White, who plays Holidae Sinclair, and Stables, who portrays Kate Marshall, dove deep into their favorite bloopers, memorable moments and more. (Photo source: Pure Flix/via Faithwire)

In addition to recollecting these fun-filled sentiments, White also struck a serious tone, sharing the fascinating details behind her incredible faith journey... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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