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'Praise the Lord!': Christian 'American Idol' Contestant Blows Katy Perry Away With Stunning Performance
by Lindsay Elizabeth : Apr 13, 2018 :

"For me, that song is almost like a worship song—it can be taken that way, and that's how I took it. My faith is really important to me..." -Shannon O'Hara

[] Shannon O'Hara is a 17-year-old contestant on American Idol who, like every other performer, wants to win. There is something different about O'Hara though, as she credits her musical talent to God. (Photo: Shannon O'Hara/Twitter/via

The 17-year-old's story of faith and determination is failing to receive media attention, but it is extremely fundamental to her musical journey. She has not only captured the love and attention of millions of fans, but also that of the American Idol judges.

In order to place in the top 24 of contestants, O'Hara made the bold move of singing a Katy Perry song. Not only did she sing "Unconditionally" by the judge, but she added her own twist to it, raising the stakes even higher...

Click here and scroll down to watch the video of Shannon performing her beautiful version of the song.