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'God is Watching Over Me': This Successful Woman with Down Syndrome is Blazing a Trail against Abortion
by Will Maule : Mar 12, 2018 :

"I think the Iceland story was so shocking to so many people. They just didn't know that this is a situation." -Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life

[] Karen Gaffney is an extraordinarily successful woman. She has swum the English channel, given a stunning TEDx talk and even received an honorary doctorate. She is also a fierce advocate for the unborn. (Photo credit: Heather Adams ‏via Twitter/via

Oh, and she has Down syndrome. Because of her unique accomplishments and background, Gaffney has become a highly sought-after speaker at pro-life events.

"I want my voice to be heard," Gaffney said during a recent speech at OneLife LA, a pro-life event in Los Angeles. "And I want my message to come through loud and clear."

Developments in prenatal testing have made it increasingly easy to identify those with Down syndrome in utero, and selective abortions have increased as a result. Shocking news broke out of Iceland last year, when it was revealed that the nation had an almost 100 percent abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome...

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