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The Powerful Moment This Adopted Son Met His Birth Mother Captured Live on Film: 'I Lived On Parker Ave' Debuts on Facebook Tonight
by Aimee Herd : Mar 8, 2018 :

"We wanted to reclaim the beauty of adoption, and we thought there was no better way to do that than by filming a live 'thank you' and live meeting like this." -David Scotton

David Scotton was finally going to meet his birth mother-the woman who had been just seconds from going through with an abortion, but who'd jumped up from the table and opted for adoption instead-he wanted to say 'thank you.' (Screengrab: David Scotton/I Lived On Parker Ave documentary)

David's birth-mom, Melissa Coles had entered the abortion clinic that day, walking past the group of Pro-lifers who called truths to her concerning her baby. Their words echoed in her mind as the doctor prepared to begin the procedure that would end her child's life.

"Your baby has ten fingers and ten toes," Melissa recalled them saying. And as that statement went round and round in her mind, suddenly she knew she could not go through with it. (Screengrab: Melissa Coles/I Lived On Parker Ave documentary)

David Scotton is very grateful, and wanted to meet and thank Melissa for giving him life, and allowing him to experience the love of his adoptive parents, Jimmy and Susan Scotton.

David knew it would be a powerful moment-a powerful meeting. And he wanted others to see the possibilities and the beauty in what he calls, "The adoption option."

So, when he was approached to document his story and the actual meeting on film, he said yes.

Titled 'I Lived On Parker Ave,' David's story was filmed as a documentary by Philip Braun III, and will be available to view on Facebook tonight (3/8) at 8pm ET. Later on, it will be available as a DVD.

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