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Florida House Passes Gun Bill, a Controversial Move in Ramping Up School Safety
by Cal Grove : Mar 8, 2018 :

Current service members, current or former law enforcement officers and teachers in a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corp program could also be armed. In addition to arming teachers, the bill also provides $300 million in funding for mental health programs, school resource officers, school safety upgrades and more.

(Florida)-[] The Parkland, Florida massacre has sent shockwaves through the nation and has left states scratching their heads over how to make schools safer. The Florida state legislature on Wednesday passed a bill that directly addresses that issue, and it passed not without controversy. (Photo: via Faith, Family, America)

The bill would allow some teachers and staff personnel to carry firearms on school campuses, and at the same time increases the age requirement for purchasing a firearm to persons age 21 and older.

According to The Daily Wire, the bill has already passed the Senate and now awaits Republican Governor Rick Scott to...

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