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Good News: Mississippi Senate Votes to Ban Abortions after 15 Weeks!
by Claire Chretien : Mar 7, 2018 :

"Abortion policy in the United States is based on outdated science that the rest of the world rejects." -Dr. Jameson Taylor

(Jackson, MS)—[] The Mississippi Senate voted 35 to 14 today to ban abortions on babies older than 15 weeks. (Image: pre-born baby/via Personhood Florida)

The bill passed the Mississippi House 79-31 last month. The bill will go back to the House for concurrence because senators removed a portion of the bill making it a felony for doctors to abort babies older than 15 weeks. However, it still retains strong protections that hold rogue doctors accountable for irresponsibly risking women's health.

If Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signs the bill into law, Mississippi will become the state with the most protective pro-life laws in the country. The bill does not contain exceptions for babies conceived in rape or incest...

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