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Steve Scalise at National Prayer Breakfast: "There Were Miracles That Happened on That Baseball Field That Day"
by Alex Olsen : Feb 8, 2018 : Faith, Family, America

He gave a powerful, faith-filled speech emphasizing that the U.S. is one nation under God.

(Washington, DC)— [] Last June, Rep. Steve Scalise was shot during the congressional baseball practice shooting in Washington DC. Scalise was initially in critical condition as a result of the gunshot wound, but he made a miraculous recovery and came out strong. (Photo: screenshot via C-SPAN2/via Christian Post)

On Thursday morning, Scalise spoke at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. After President Trump's opening remarks, Scalise opened up about the shooting in a powerful, faith-filled speech.

"By the third shot, I was hit and fell to the ground," Scalise said. "The first thing I thought of was to pray. I just started...

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