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On Recognizing Ourselves in 'This is Us'
by Ryan : Feb 7, 2018 : Christian Headlines

"We see the plot behind the plot, but the characters don't. They learn to show mercy when they realize how much they don't-and can't-understand, even about themselves. Maybe we love 'This is Us' because this, in fact, is us." -Russell Moore, Southern Baptist Convention

[] In a culture of streaming services and instant videos, This is Us has become something of a pop culture revelation. By now, most people are familiar with the NBC drama which has overtaken television. The simple series has no bells or whistles, it merely chronicles the lives of a single family. There's Jack and Rebecca, a loving couple endeavoring to raise three children. Kate, their daughter, who suffers from compulsive eating. Kevin, their son and an aspiring actor, and Randall, the couple's brilliant adopted child. (Image via Amazon/This Is Us-NBC)

It's no secret why the show has become a massive success. The whip-smart writing, emotional dialogue, and powerful performances could more than soften the hardest heart. However Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Convention, believes there is a deeper message which has resonated with viewers. In an article for the Washington Post, Moore writes,

"The secret to 'This is Us' is less about ogling some other, strange, dysfunctional family as it is about seeing in it our own..."

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