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President Trump's Approval Rating is Actually the SAME as President Obama's After One Year in Office
by Kristen Undset : Dec 29, 2017 : Faith, Family, America

The media would like us to think that the American people hate President Trump—and that they loved former President Obama. The truth is not quite so cut and dry.

(Washington, DC) – [Faith, Family, America] The mainstream media—with The Hill as a noted transgressor—likes to write stories about how President Donald Trump's approval rating has reached another all-time low. It seems like almost every week brings a new article heralding the public's lack of faith in the POTUS. (Photo Credit: Faith, Family, America)

The media especially likes to contrast President Trump with his "well-loved" predecessor, Barack Obama. However, as Newsweek reported, the two presidents have nearly identical approval and disapproval ratings in one national poll after their first year in office.

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