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Is Your Church Really Safe?
by Paid Advertisement : Jan 2, 2018

Dear friend,

What was your first reaction when you heard the terrible news about the Sutherland Springs shooting? After your heart broke for those poor families did you think, "Thank the Lord that couldn't happen to our church"?

But is that really true?

Who is protecting your children at Sunday School?

Can you honestly say you and your family are completely safe from the daily horrors seeping into every corner of our troubled society? Including our churches?

Cyber hacking...PR disasters that hit the national news...violent attacks.

Your Church Could be Next
Please don't hide behind the myth that these tragedies only happen to high profile churches, because they don't. The next disaster could easily hit a church just like yours. A church that predators can easily access – either physically or online.

Your church is exactly what they're looking for. Unaware, unprepared, and vulnerable.

But you're not alone, and there is something you can do about it. whether you're an average church goer, a Pastor, or just a concerned citizen, there is something you can do about it... Right now.

Hi, I'm Pastor Richard M. Salazar, Jr., creator of the unprecedented 'Protect My Church Now' Training Program.

I've spent 18 months developing this powerful online tool for church congregations, pastors and leaders who want to:

    •   save lives
    •   protect valuable data
    •   prevent their church and community being ripped apart by a disaster or tragedy.

Delivered in 4 x online video training sessions that you and your fellow church goers can access at your own pace, along with audio replays and transcripts. The sessions include:

    #1: Protecting the Pastor's Heart
    #2: Violence Prevention and Protection
    #3: Protection from Cyber Attack
    #4: Crisis Management

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late
Did you know there have been 14 fatal shootings at houses of worship since 2012? Or that online predators are more active around Holidays and the New Year, and could be monitoring your church's bank accounts right now?

Does your church have your family's financial details or personal data on file?

So, the next time you say, "That couldn't happen to my church", think about the lives you could help to protect in this New Year, and every year to come.

We encourage you to introduce this program to your Pastor, or buy this for your Church Leadership and show them just how important the safety of your church and family is to you!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the 'Protect My Church Now' Training Program and a Special Limited Time Holiday offer that expires on January 18, 2018.

Blessings to keep your church safe from harmful threats!

Richard M. Salazar, Jr.
Pastor, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian
Founder, Rich Communications, LLC

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