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Prayer Alert: Militant Muslims Attack Coptic Christian Church in Egypt; Destroy Sacred Objects and Assault Worshippers
by Leah Marieann Klett : Dec 28, 2017 :

Egypt's Coptic Christian minority—who date back to the first decades following the life of Jesus Christ—comprises about 10 percent of the country's population of 93 million people. For the past few years, the group has been targeted by jihadist militants, and ISIS previously vowed to keep making Coptic Christians a main target for their attacks.

(Egypt)— [] Hundreds of Muslim demonstrators assaulted a Coptic Christian church south of Cairo, calling for it to be demolished, wrecking sacred objects and attacking worshippers. (Photo: Copts mourn their dead after a suicide bomb at St Mark's Cathedral in Alexandria/Credit: Samer Abdallah/AP/via Gospel Herald)

The incident took place after Friday prayers when demonstrators gathered outside the building, chanting hostile slogans and called for the church's demolition, the diocese in Atfih told the AP.

In addition to destroying the church's contents, the Muslims assaulted Christians inside before security personnel arrived and dispersed them. The wounded were later transferred to a nearby hospital...

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