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Over 250 Rabbis Bless President Trump with "Joshua's Strength" in Letter of Support
by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz : Dec 7, 2017 : Breaking Israel News

"We are sure that you will be remembered in the history of the Jewish people forever as one who stood at the fore and was not afraid. May God's promise to Joshua be fulfilled upon you." -Excerpt from the letter

(Israel)— [] Over two hundred prominent Israeli rabbis sent a letter of gratitude to President Donald Trump, blessing him in the manner that God blessed Joshua as he led the Jews into Israel and stating that Trump's acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel's eternal capital assures him a permanent place in the annals of Jewish history. (Photo: Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu/Photo: Yonatan Sinde /Flash90/via BIN)

Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan sent a letter of blessings to the White House expressing gratitude from approximately 250 prominent Israeli rabbis after President Donald Trump's speech. "You have a rare privilege now to be the first president to spearhead the recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel," the rabbis wrote.

"We merit living in a generation in which prophecies are being fulfilled, one after the other," the letter continued, emphasizing that Trump is playing his role in that process. "The presidents of America merited standing by Israel in actualizing the..."

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