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In Thanks to America and Donald Trump, Jerusalem Projects the U.S. Flag onto It's Old City Wall
by Stuart Winer and Agencies : Dec 7, 2017 : Times of Israel

"As a gesture and expression of the courageous friendship between the American people and the people of Israel, we decided to project the American and Israeli flags onto the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, the ultimate symbol of the strength of the Jewish people's connection to Jerusalem for over 3,000 years." -Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat

(Jerusalem, Israel)— [] The Jerusalem municipality on Wednesday projected the US and Israeli flags onto the walls of the Old City in a show of appreciation over the US President Donald Trump's expected recognition of the city as the capital of Israel. (Screengrab: Israel's and the American flag are projected on the walls of the Old City/via Times of Israel)

From 7 p.m., the red, white, and blue American banner was projected next to the blue and white of the Israeli flag, celebrating the expected announcement. The flags were screened on the 16th century walls from Jaffa Gate in the direction of Mount Zion...

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