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Prayer Alert: UK Gov't Official Proposes Ban on Prayer Vigils Outside Abortion Centers
by Fr. Mark Hodges : Dec 1, 2017 : LifeSiteNews

"I'm amazed at the lengths people will go to stop pregnant women from looking at the alternatives. We try to make sure women are not being pressured into abortion. We've had hundreds of women accept help outside Marie Stopes." -Director Clare McCullough

(London, England) — [] The United Kingdom may be the first "free" nation in Europe to ban prayer outside abortion businesses. (Photo Credit: Flickr via LifeSiteNews)

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has proposed criminalizing organized prayer gatherings at abortion centers throughout England because she claims that women need "protection" from pro-life vigil participants.

"The decision to have an abortion is already an incredibly personal one, without women being further pressured by aggressive protesters," the Home Office said.

Abortion supporters are fighting on two fronts against pro-lifers. Rudd's proposed legislation is joined by Labour Member of Parliament Rupa Huq, who is proposing related legislation for "buffer zones" on public property outside abortion facilities where Christians may not stand or offer literature.

Huq says pro-lifers in her area of Ealing are "weaponizing rosary beads" outside the local Marie Stopes abortuary. Her petition letter for "buffer zones" claims that pro-lifers harass women by calling them "murderers." But Huq, like Rudd, has offered no evidence or proof.

The Good Counsel Network organizes prayer at the Ealing Marie Stopes abortion business in west London. Director Clare McCullough emphatically denies the accusations against her companions. McCullough wrote a response to the Home Secretary to "state categorically that no one attending our vigils calls women seeking abortion 'murderers'"…

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