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The #1 Heart Health Risk No One Talks About
by Paid Advertisement : Dec 2, 2017

The #1 Heart Risk No One Talks About
PLUS: Learn the Hidden Cause of Poor Circulation,
High Blood Pressure and Unhealthy Cholesterol
By Michael Cutler, MD
If you're concerned about heart health, you probably have a good understanding of the roles circulation, blood pressure and cholesterol play in keeping your cardiovascular system functioning well.

But there's another critical factor in maintaining heart health that you may have never considered, and that doctors seldom discuss with their patients...

And it also may be the true culprit behind many tough-to-solve health issues—everything from leg cramps and numbness to fatigue and everyday aches and pains.

This critical factor is known as blood viscosity and it refers to the thickness and stickiness of your blood. It is a direct measure of the ability of blood to flow properly.[1] And many doctors now consider thick blood to be...
The #1 Threat to Your Heart
If you weren't aware of the essential role blood viscosity plays in heart health, you're not alone. Most people have no idea how thick their blood is, or what they can do to make it thinner.

But it's something that should be on your radar, because at its most fundamental basis, cardiovascular health all comes down to blood flow. Without healthy blood flow, cells can suffocate and die in just a few minutes.

In fact, as many as 300 major cardiovascular risk factors are linked to increased blood thickness![1] You're undoubtedly familiar with many of them, such as LDL cholesterol, smoking, obesity, insulin sensitivity, sedentary lifestyle, age, blood pressure, C-reactive protein and homocysteine, to name a few.[2]

The famed Edinburgh Artery Study followed 1,592 people for a minimum of five years, and found that people with thinner blood have significantly healthier hearts and far less risk of cardiovascular issues than people with thicker blood.[3,4]

Another study published in the European Heart Journal followed 331 men for up to 12 years. The group with the thickest blood was 300% more likely to have cardiovascular issues than the group with the thinnest blood.[5]

I'm Dr. Michael Cutler. As a board-certified physician practicing for more than 20 years, I've treated thousands of patients who were struggling to maintain healthy blood circulation with symptoms ranging from serious concerns like high blood pressure and swelling in their limbs to bothersome leg cramps and fatigue.

Many of these patients had already tried other recommended "solutions" before I saw them, but they were still suffering from the classic symptoms and the serious dangers of thick blood.

If this sounds like you, then please keep reading. You're about to discover a simple blood flow secret that can help promote a healthy heart and quickly address many of your nagging health issues. You'll also learn about a 60-minute natural blood circulation solution that has been shown to be remarkably effective for my patients.
10 Warning Signs of Dangerous Circulation Issues
If you suffer from two or more of these symptoms, then chances are you may be dealing with blood flow issues.
Cardiology's BIG Mistake
There is no doubt that maintaining healthy blood pressure is critical. But the fatal flaw in conventional medicine's approach is this: It focuses on high blood pressure as a symptom without addressing the underlying cause.

After all, if all you do is slow your heartbeat or reduce your blood volume, your blood pressure may be fine, but you can still have thick blood and poor circulation, which puts continuous stress on your arteries.

Again, I would like to reiterate that people with thick blood are 300% more likely to have heart issues, so it's reckless in my opinion to ignore this risk.
About the Author: Michael Cutler, MD
Thick Blood Can Damage Your Arteries
You may not know this but your arteries are under constant attack. Each cell in your arteries is bombarded by roughly 10,000 free radicals each day.[6]

Free radicals are especially dangerous to the endothelial cells on the inner lining of your blood vessels. Endothelial cells are on the front lines, helping you maintain healthy blood flow and blood pressure. If they're damaged, your arteries become less flexible, losing the ability to respond to changes in blood thickness and pressure.

A recent study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) showed how the body's own adaptive response to the pressure of thick blood leads to build-up in the arteries. This causes the artery walls to become thicker and stiffer, making it even harder to maintain healthy blood pressure and optimal blood flow.[7]

But the good news is, breakthrough research from Yale University, NIH and the Mayo Clinic has uncovered several natural and highly-effective ways to combat thick blood and maintain clear-flowing arteries to promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, boost energy and stamina and reduce everyday aches and pains, starting with...
Healthy Circulation Solution #1
The Amazing Enzyme That Helps Dissolve "Artery Gunk"
Clearly, thick blood is a primary cause of unhealthy blood pressure, poor blood flow and artery damage. And clotting proteins called fibrin and fibrinogen are a major reason why.[8]

Luckily, there is a natural way to break up fibrin and support healthy fibrinogen levels to promote normal blood clotting and healthy blood flow—it's a powerful natural enzyme called nattokinase.
The Health Secret of Samurai Warriors
Nattokinase is naturally found in natto, a "vegetable cheese" formed by fermenting soybeans. Revered for its health benefits in Japan for more than 1,000 years, natto was a traditional food of samurai warriors. Today, natto is regularly consumed by many Japanese citizens, and it is widely thought to contribute to their renowned heart health and longevity. After all, Japanese people, on average, live longer than any other people on earth.

Nattokinase's power for supporting cardiovascular health was first demonstrated thanks to a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, a physician and researcher at the University of Chicago. In his quest to discover natural ways to maintain healthy circulation, Dr. Sumi tested some 173 different foods before striking gold with natto—and it was essentially by accident!

Dr. Sumi placed some of the leftover natto he was eating for lunch into a petri dish in his lab along with some fibrin and was amazed to see that the natto completely dissolved the fibrin! He isolated the enzyme in the natto and named it "nattokinase." Dr. Sumi concluded that nattokinase had a fibrin-dissolving potency "matched by no other enzyme."[9]

But here is the really amazing part. Consuming nattokinase can lead to...
Thinner Blood in JUST 60 MINUTES!
It turns out that Dr. Sumi was onto something very significant. By dissolving fibrin, nattokinase has shown remarkable benefits in helping people maintain:
Thinner Blood and Better Blood Flow: In a clinical study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrition Research, patients were given two capsules of nattokinase, each containing 2,000 fibrinolytic units daily for two months. Their levels of fibrinogen, and other factors that thicken blood, all significantly decreased.[10]
Healthier Blood Pressure: In a double-blind, placebo-controlled medical study, 86 people who had trouble maintaining healthy blood pressure levels were given nattokinase or a placebo for 8 weeks. People who took nattokinase reported significant improvements in both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure![11]
Better yet, nattokinase works FAST. In a preliminary study published in the journal Pharmacology Science, researchers were astounded at its power to dissolve fibrin and coagulated blood in just 60 minutes![12]

Nattokinase works on fibrin in two ways: 1) It directly dissolves fibrin, and 2) it supports your body's own natural blood thinning enzymes. These combined actions support healthy platelet function, improved circulation and better blood flow.[13,14]
Healthy Circulation Solution #2
Nature's Amazing Artery Rejuvenator
The endothelial cells of your arteries face the constant pressure and friction of blood flow, which means that whatever is going on in your blood impacts these cells. Thick blood, oxidation and inflammation can weaken your arteries, causing them to not function properly.

That's why this next circulation nutrient is such a godsend. It plays a vital role in helping you protect and renew the critical endothelial cells in your arteries.
The Natural Secret That Can Reduce Blood Pressure by 50%
It's called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG for short)—the powerful antioxidant found in green tea. EGCG helps shield your cells from the free radicals that cause high-speed aging.[15] In fact, this amazing natural wonder has 20 times more antioxidant power than vitamin C![16]

EGCG neutralizes free radicals before they can damage the delicate inner linings of your arteries. It also naturally relieves inflammation, a major cause of stiff arteries.[17,18]

Green tea has even been shown to be a powerful natural way to achieve healthy cholesterol balance. Green tea helps protect your heart and arteries from oxidized LDL cholesterol, a far more dangerous form than regular LDL cholesterol. Plus it helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels—another key marker for heart health.[19,20,21]

And a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that green tea could cut your risk of unhealthy blood pressure by 50%![22]
Healthy Circulation Solution #3
The Two-Hour Blood Flow Booster
Another remarkably powerful nutrient for supporting healthy blood pressure is grapeseed extract, which helps open and relax your blood vessels.

This allows your blood to flow freely without requiring higher blood pressure, so you're able to maintain healthy blood pressure and better blood flow at the same time!
Confirmed in Research by the Yale School of Medicine
Researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine examined nine double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies on grapeseed extract and concluded that grapeseed extract can significantly lower systolic blood pressure.[23]

A separate four-week double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of grapeseed extract by the University of California showed that people taking the grapeseed extract were significantly better at maintaining healthy blood pressure levels compared to placebo.[24]
Boosts Blood Flow 23.7% in Just TWO Hours
Multiple clinical trials have shown how grapeseed extract makes blood platelets less sticky. This helps blood cells flow easily through your arteries and down to the tiny capillaries that carry precious oxygen and nutrients to each of your cells.[25]

In fact, researchers testing grapeseed extract have seen improvements of up to 23.7% in just two hours![26]
Cuts Oxidized LDL Cholesterol by 30.7%
You already know that LDL cholesterol is the "bad" kind, but there's an even more dangerous form called oxidized LDL cholesterol. And grapeseed extract helps here, too.

In a double-blind, placebo controlled medical study conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center, 40 people who had trouble maintaining healthy cholesterol levels took either 200 mg per day of grapeseed extract or a placebo for two months. The group taking the grapeseed extract lowered their oxidized LDL levels by an incredible 30.7%![27]
Healthy Circulation Solution #4
"The Master Antioxidant" That Can Supercharge Your Health
Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is often called the master antioxidant because it has the remarkable power to recharge other antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and CoQ10. [28,29]

But ALA's real superstar status comes from its ability to boost your natural glutathione levels. Glutathione is such a powerful cellular revitalizer that leading researchers call glutathione levels "the single best indicator of how long you'll live."[30]

ALA is shown to significantly boost glutathione levels. But why not supplement directly with glutathione itself? Because glutathione won't make it through your stomach—the acid will simply destroy it!

In addition to boosting your natural glutathione levels, numerous clinical studies demonstrate ALA's ability to reduce oxidative stress and improve heart-protecting HDL-cholesterol.[31,32]

ALA also helps keep your arteries flexible and supple. This supports both healthy blood pressure and improved circulation. In fact, ALA is shown to reduce pain and cramping that may be caused by poor blood flow.[33]
A Superior Solution for Healthy Blood Flow
With four such extraordinarily powerful nutrients to promote healthy blood flow, when my patients used to ask me which one they should take, I really wanted to say all four. But I knew how expensive this would be, not to mention how many pills that would require them to take each day.

So I joined forces with TRUE HEALTH™, a company that has been making premium-quality vitamins and supplements for more than a decade, to develop an all-in-one solution to combat thick blood and all of its dangerous consequences.

To make it easy to remember, we decided to call it simply, Ultimate Blood Flow Formula™, but the most important part is that it contains research-based dosages of all four of the extraordinary circulation stabilizing nutrients I've mentioned in this report.

And to make sure nearly everyone could afford this amazing, fast-acting solution, we've priced it as low as $14.95 per bottle.

Here's what makes Ultimate Blood Flow Formula superior:
100 mg of premium-grade nattokinase: Ultimate Blood Flow Formula features 100 mg of an exclusive form of nattokinase called NattoSEB® with 2,000 units of fibrinolytic activity. NattoSEB® is specially formulated and microencapsulated to maintain its potency as it moves through the digestive tract. True Health
200 mg of a highly concentrated green tea extract: Ultimate Blood Flow Formula contains 200 mg of a unique, highly concentrated green tea extract (50% EGCG). This is the same strength shown to be effective in clinical studies. You'd have to guzzle green tea throughout the day to get this much EGCG and the amazing health benefits that come with it!
400 mg of purified grapeseed extract: Ultimate Blood Flow Formula includes 400 mg of a uniquely powerful and bioavailable form of grapeseed extract that is concentrated to include 95% proanthocyanidin polyphenols—the key active ingredient.
400 mg of alpha lipoic acid: Ultimate Blood Flow Formula gives you 400 mg of the master antioxidant alpha lipoic acid, the same strength shown to be so effective in multiple clinical studies.
Convenience that can't be beat: Just two small capsules per day give you everything you need for comprehensive circulation support. And it takes just a few seconds a day to get this potent, researched-based support.
Quality you can trust: Ultimate Blood Flow Formula is made in TRUE HEALTH's own state-of-the-art FDA-inspected facility located in Florida. Unlike some brands whose quality is questionable, this is a product whose purity you can trust.
Affordable, Risk Free and Free Shipping: Ultimate Blood Flow Formula is priced as low as $14.95 per bottle which contains a full month's supply. It also ships to you for free and comes with an amazing guarantee. If you're not satisfied in any way with your results, simply return the unused portion for a 100% refund. Every penny you paid—no questions asked. That way you can try it risk free.
Our Ultimate Blood Flow Formula
Customers Say It Best
So you just don't have to take my word for it, I want you to hear from people like you who have had success addressing their blood circulation problems the natural way with Ultimate Blood Flow Formula.
I no longer have cold feet!
"I've had a problem with the cold and swollen feet for years. Since I started taking Ultimate Blood Flow Formula, these problems have all but gone away. I feel so much better and am now able to walk much more easily."
—Dorothy M. from Dillon, SC
Healthy blood pressure in two weeks!
"I just wanted to let you know that I am highly satisfied with the Ultimate Blood Flow Formula. My husband's blood pressure is now in the normal range after using this product for two weeks. He has more energy and feels great."
—Melynda J.D. from Merkel, TX
No longer suffering from poor circulation!
"A month after starting to take Ultimate Blood Flow Formula, I went to my doctor. He told me the circulation near my heart was now fine and not to come back for another six months!"
—Roy B. from MO
More energy and pep at age 81!
"Since I have been taking your Ultimate Blood Flow Formula, I've had more energy. At the age of 81, I count my blessings for anything that gives me more pep. It is amazing."
—Vonlola McCl. from Cleveland, OH
This is truly a miracle!
"My husband has had severe discomfort in both hands. After about three days of taking Ultimate Blood Flow Formula, his discomfort has nearly disappeared. This is truly a miracle!"
—Barbara B. from Crestview, FL
Arm tingling and discomfort GONE!
"I used to feel discomfort halfway up my left arm like pin pricks once or twice a day. But after taking Ultimate Blood Flow Formula, the discomfort went away and hasn't come back."
—Mary B. from Reno, NV
Discover How Great You Can Feel with
Ultimate Blood Flow Formula
Ultimate Blood Flow Formula has helped my patients and thousands of satisfied health-seeking individuals enjoy better blood flow, healthier blood pressure and cholesterol, stronger hearts and clear-flowing arteries.

Simply put, Ultimate Blood Flow Formula works. It gives you research-based dosages of the powerful natural ingredients that have been documented in a host of clinical studies at leading research institutions such as Yale Medical School, NIH and the University of California.

And now you can try it without risk.

If you're not 100% delighted with the results you get in supporting better blood flow, healthy blood pressure, less stiffness and cramping in your legs, more energy and the many other benefits you've read about in this report...just return the unused portion (or the empty bottles) ANY TIME for a prompt refund of every penny you paid.

With Ultimate Blood Flow Formula, you can expect better blood flow from head to toe and benefits faster than you thought possible including:
Healthier blood pressure
Reduced swelling in your arms, legs and ankles
Fewer leg cramps
Healthier cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Reduced everyday aches and pains
Improved energy and stamina
And much more!
Get Ultimate Blood Flow Formula For As Low As $14.95 Per Bottle PLUS Free Shipping—ORDER TODAY!
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