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Miraculous: 12-Year-Old Who Beat Cancer as an Infant with Only a 25-Percent Chance is Now a Piano Prodigy Performing at Carnegie Hall
by Faithwire Staff : Nov 28, 2017 :

“We just thank God for every moment of every day. Truly He has taught us that everyone's life is a gift." -Marie Colander, Daniel's mother

[] A 12-year-old boy from Ohio who learned how to play piano while battling cancer has become a child prodigy who plays on world-class stages. (Screengrab: Daniel performing at Carnegie Hall/World News Tonight/via

Akron resident Daniel Colaner was given a 25 percent chance to live after he was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, a condition that affects the nervous system, when he was an infant.

Doctors encouraged Daniel's family to incorporate piano playing to continue developing his brain, ABC News reported. Playing then became an essential part of Daniel's routine while undergoing chemotherapy and other treatment.

“Chemotherapy is both a blessing and a curse, and in very small children at 6 months old they basically bring you to the point of death and hope that they kill all of the bad cells and leave enough of the good ones for you to recover," Daniel's mother, Marie Colaner, said. (Screengrab: Daniel's proud parents/via ABC News/

Daniel gave his debut performance at Carnegie Hall on Sunday, performing “Fantaisie Impromptu" by Chopin. He described the experience as “absolutely incredible"...

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