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Pagan War goddess Statue Unveiled at the U.N.: Idol Worship Makes Global Comeback
by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz : Nov 28, 2017 : Breaking Israel News

"What we are seeing in the world today is that every place Christianity grows weak, paganism and idolatry grow stronger, and where Christianity disappears, horrible things happen." -Rabbi Elad Dokow

(New York, NY)— [] The same multinational group that recreated the Palmyra Victory Arch and sent it on a world tour has now recreated a statue of Athena, the Roman goddess of war, for an exhibit in the United Nations, an organization that claims to be working towards world peace but which one rabbi likens to modern-day paganism. (Photo: A statue of the Roman goddess Athena on display in Nashville, Tennessee/Ron Cogswell/Flickr/via BIN)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) officially inaugurated the Digital Archaeology Exhibition, "The Spirit in the Stone", at the United Nations' headquarters in New York City last Thursday. The UAE, the Italian mission to the UN, and the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) cooperated in re-creating a statue of the Roman goddess Athena for the exhibit.

The original Athena statue stood in Palmyra, Syria, until it was destroyed by ISIS in 2015. The UAE announcement described the goddess as "synonymous with reason, refuge and the rule of law, all of the same values on which that historic institution was built," but the statue depicts...

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