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Navajo Code-Talker Lavishes President Trump with Praise at White House Ceremony
by John Frizoli : Nov 28, 2017 :

"Mr. President, we know you'll succeed. America is in good hands. You have all top Marine Corps generals as your assistants here, so we know that we're in good hands." -Peter McDonald, president of the 13 surviving Navajo Code Talkers

(Washington, DC)— [] The mainstream media dropped the ball again. After President Trump made a Sen. Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" joke during an event honoring the surviving Navajo Code Talkers on Monday afternoon, all the media could talk about was how outraged they were by Trump's "cultural insensitivity." All they mentioned in their many tweets and headlines was the joke, and they totally missed how much the Navajo Code Talkers president praised Trump afterward or the incredible story he had to tell about his and his fellow American Indian's role in World War II... (Screengrab: President Trump with WWII Navajo Code-Talkers/via

But what was lost in all of this is everything else that happened at the event to honor the code talkers. White House footage showed the code talkers excitedly greeting the president before chit-chatting and joking around with him. At the beginning of his speech, one of them had praise for the president and "this great nation we call United States"... (Screengrab: President Trump with WWII Navajo Code-Talkers/via

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