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[Watch] A Cook's Incredibly Kind, Humble Act for a Veteran in Need Goes Viral
by Billy Hallowell : Nov 27, 2017 :

"She wasn't doing it for a show. I'm a Christian, and I've seen Jesus through her, what she did. This day and age, you don't see people doing stuff like that." -Dallas Smith Jr.

airlift[] Sometimes, it's the simplest acts of kindness that truly make an impact. The latest example comes from a restaurant called Huddle House in Douglas, Georgia, where a cook recently stopped everything she was doing to help a veteran in need. (Screengrab via

A man named Dallas Smith Jr. told Inside Edition that he was inside the restaurant when the kind act unfolded. It all started when an elderly man was struggling to cut his pancakes.

A younger man dining with him reached over to help, but a cook identified as Ms. Wanda saw what was happening and stepped in...

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