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'I'm a Human Being Just Like You': 21-Year-Old Woman with Down Syndrome Delivers Powerful Rebuke to the UN
by Billy Hallowell : Nov 27, 2017 :

"...Our only difference is an extra chromosome," she wrote. "My extra chromosome makes me far more tolerant than you, sir." -Charlotte Helene Fien

[] A woman with Down syndrome who delivered a stunning speech before the U.N. earlier this year defending her right to live is now back with a powerful open letter that hits back at those who encourage pregnant women who test positive for Down syndrome to abort. (Screengrab: Charlotte Helene Fien/via

Charlotte Helene Fien reportedly responded to a Tunisian attorney who recently issued comments during a United Nations Human Rights Committee meeting that left critics—herself included—both stunned and frustrated.

The lawyer reportedly said that, while he supports those with disabilities, he believes abortion is a viable means to prevent a life-long "handicap." He purportedly added, "We can avoid the handicaps and we must do everything we can to avoid them," Live Action reported.

Fien responded with a powerful open letter hitting back at these statements and at people who believe that those like her should be "aborted up to birth." In addition to proclaiming that she is "deeply offended" and feels attacked for who she is, she affirmed her humanity and asked that the attorney think deeper about his proclamations...

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