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The One Place the Abortion Advocates Don't Want You to Know About
by Rebecca Downs : Nov 24, 2017 :

Despite the good work that they do, pregnancy centers have been facing legal attacks from pro-choice states and localities, which have tried to restrict their free speech rights by having them advertise for abortion. The U.S. Supreme Court is now getting involved in such a California state law.

[] Pregnancy centers. They're one of the single greatest weapons against abortion, using information and truth to enlighten frightened women to a choice not often brought up at abortion clinics: keeping the baby. (Photo credit: Anna Maria Liljestrand/Flickr)

Late last month, Virginia Davison Madden shared her experiences with CatholicVote on "What Working at a Pregnancy Resource Center is REALLY Like." While working on her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Madden interned at the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center in the Northeast area of Washington, D.C.

In her piece, Madden discusses how she has counseled and helped women who are facing unplanned pregnancies. She also expanded further on her experiences while speaking with FaithWire.

Like many other pregnancy centers, the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center is Christian, and does "an excellent job at being ecumenical," which Madden also says is a good testament to the Catholic-Evangelical connection.

In explaining the center's services, which mostly involves families coming to the center to pick up supplies, Madden noted that they do a good job of not preaching. Those who work with women at the center can offer prayer and discussion about God on issues such as abortion and parenting, but it is not a requirement to have such a discussion in order to receive help…

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