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Israel Gets Tough on "Infiltrators": Will Shut down Detention Center and Deport 40,000 Illegal Immigrants
by News Staff : Nov 20, 2017 : JNI Media via

[JNI Media/BIN] Prime Minister Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday: "Our policy towards infiltrators is three staged: Stage one is halting. We built a fence and enacted laws that completely blocked the flow of infiltrators and today we have zero infiltrators. Second stage is removal. We removed approximately 20,000 out of the existing population of infiltrators, using various measures. Stage three is increased removal. This removal is enabled thanks to an international agreement I have reached, which allows us to remove the 40,000 remaining infiltrators without their consent..." Click here to read. (Photo: The Holot detention center in southern Israel/Center for Refugees and Immigrants/Wikimedia/via BIN)