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The Extraordinary Faith of Olympic Skate Champion Scott Hamilton in His Battle with Cancer
by Kristen Undset : Nov 17, 2017 : Faith, Family, America

Doctors discovered a benign pituitary tumor in the gold medalist's brain in August 2016 [making] it the skater's third benign tumor since 2004.

(Nashville, TN) — [Faith, Family, America] Ice skater Scott Hamilton has his own way of dealing with cancer. He's not worrying about whether it's grown—something he'll find out in a month, reported People. Instead, he's putting faith in God and keeping busy. (Photo Credit: Scott Hamilton via Faith, Family, America)

Hamilton wryly says he'll find out if the "little critter"—as the ice skater refers to his brain tumor—is "behaving itself" next month.

In the meantime, he's preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics broadcast, getting ready for a book launch, and organizing an annual cancer benefit in Nashville.

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