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Egyptian Pits Filled with Giant Severed Hands Discovered in "Joseph's Palace"
by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz : Nov 15, 2017 : Breaking Israel News

Though the discovery of the severed hands is disturbing, the practice is actually mentioned in the Bible.

(Egypt) — [Breaking Israel News] A creepy find by Egyptologists of a pit full of ancient severed hands confirms a theory about a disturbing ancient Egyptian practice. The find connects fleetingly with the Bible, appearing in what some believe to be the throne room of Biblical Joseph. (Photo Credit: Australian Archaeological Institute/Excavation Report)

Egyptologists discovered 16 severed hands in the surrounding grounds buried in four pits in an ancient palace in Avaris, Egypt. The scientists estimated the hands had been separated from their rightful owners approximately 3,600 years ago. All were right hands and remarkably large.

The find was indeed gruesome but not entirely surprising for the Egyptologists, as it confirmed their belief that soldiers would cut off the hands of defeated enemies and present them to noblemen in return for a gold bounty. Hieroglyphics have been discovered depicting this practice.

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