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U.S. Astronaut Tweets Stunning Images of Israel from Space
by Abra Forman : Nov 14, 2017 : Breaking Israel News

"Every time we pass over, I have been fascinated with this view, considering it contains the vast majority of Biblical history." -Astronaut Jeff Williams

(Israel)— [] U.S. astronaut Randolph Bresnik tweeted a series of photos of Israel from the International Space Station last week, capturing the coast by day and Jerusalem by night in his photography. (Photo: Astronaut Randolf Bresnik tweeted this photo of Israel from space/@AstroKomrade/Twitter/via BIN)

Using the hashtag #OneWorldManyViews, on October 29 Bresnik tweeted photos of the lights of nighttime Jerusalem, which he called a "golden city" important "to so many."

Included in the post were photos representing the three major religions to whom Jerusalem is sacred: a picture of the Western Wall, one taken inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and another of the Dome of the Rock.

On November 11, Bresnik again tweeted a photo of the Holy Land, this time a larger-scale image of the entirety of Israel, seen "upside down", with southern Israel and the Sinai at the upper left of the photo and its northern tip at the bottom right. Its two largest bodies of water, the Dead Sea and the larger Sea of Galilee, are clearly visible.

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