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How a Christian Family from Texas Became Holocaust Educators and Israel Advocates
by Eliana Rudee : Nov 13, 2017 : Breaking Israel News

"We believe that Christians and Jews are called to a different standard of BDS, which is to Bless, Defend and Serve the Land, People and God of Israel." — Steve Wearp

[] In 2016, Steve Wearp left his distinguished job as a Caterpillar engineer and sold his family home in Texas to pursue his dream of advocating for the land and people of Israel full-time. After decades of coming closer to Israel, Wearp, his wife, and his five boys decided to launch a family business of selling merchandise exclusively made in Judea and Samaria. (Photo Courtesy: Breaking Israel News)

A year later, the Wearp family is now preparing for an aircraft shipment of 2,500 chocolate bars as well as four pallets of honey, dates, silan (date honey), cosmetics, tea, and ceramics via boat to their home—all while they prepare for a multi-month speaking tour to educate Christian communities around the United States about Israel and God's promises to the Jewish people.

The vision of their company, Blessed Buy Israel, is to "provide a way for people around the world to stand with the Jewish people against…

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