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Watch Texas Pastor's Pointed Response When MSNBC Reporter Asks 'Are Prayers Enough?' in Wake of Church Massacre
by Billy Hallowell : Nov 7, 2017 :

"We talk about it's a gun issue, or we talk about a mental health issue. Well, as pastors and as Christians, we talk about it and say it's not that; it's a heart issue." -Pastor Paul Buford

(Sutherland Springs, TX)—[] Paul Buford, pastor of River Oaks Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, had a pointed response on Monday when an MSNBC reporter asked him if prayers are really enough in the wake of the horrific mass shooting at First Baptist Church. (Screengrab: MSNBC reporter questions Pastor Paul Buford on the effectiveness of prayer after a tragedy/MSNBC/via

"I think, absolutely they are," Buford, whose church is just two miles down the road from First Baptist, said during an on-air segment. "It's only our faith in God that's going to get us through this."

The preacher went on to say that "prayer works" and delivered a mini sermon about how Christians believe that those who died at First Baptist and who knew Jesus are now in Heaven. But the conversation took yet another interesting turn when the reporter asked how, outside of prayer, society can stop events like this from happening…

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