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Twin Suicide Bombings Take 15 Lives in Two Pakistani Christian Churches
by Aimee Herd : Mar 16, 2015 : K.M. Chaudhry, Zarar Khan, Zaheer Babar - AP, Yahoo News

"My son had gone to the church to pray for a good result in his examinations," Shaheen Bibi, mother whose son died in the terror attack.

(Lahore, Pakistan)—There were two suicide bomb attacks at two different Christian churches in the city of Lahore, Pakistan on Sunday. (Photo: Pakistani Christians pray/AP/K.M. Chaudary)

The explosions killed 15 and left about 70 wounded, according to an AP report.

The churches that were bombed were reportedly about 650 yards apart, and the attacks occurred in the "Christian neighborhood of Youhanabad… while parishioners worshipped at Sunday morning services."

Following the bombings, a "mob" of Christians—angry at the attacks—found two people they suspected of involvement in the persecution, and reportedly killed them.

Christians also poured into the streets to demonstrate against the suicide bombings.

One mother, Shaheen Bibi—whose 10-year-old son, Abhishak, had been killed in one of the church bombings—spoke to reporters.

"My son had gone to the church to pray for a good result in his examinations," Bibi said as she cried and struck her head against the chest of a relative. "He wanted me to sew him some new clothes if he passed his examinations."

According to the report, witnesses said the bombers had "targeted a crowded gate when a large group of worshippers were waiting to enter one of the churches."