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Christian Israeli-Arab Plans to Build Jesus Statue near Nazareth
by Teresa Neumann : Nov 25, 2013 : Ariel Ben Solomen – The Jerusalem Post

The mountain Bishara Shiayan wants to build it on, Mount Kedumim, is the same mountain it is said Nazareans 2,000 years ago attempted to push Jesus off as they rejected Him as their Messiah.

Jesus Statue(Israel)—Bishara Shiayan is a Christian Arab from Nazareth who hopes to build a huge statue of Jesus (think even bigger than the towering "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio de Janeiro) on Mount Precipice near Nazareth.

The mountain, also known as Mount Kedumim, is said by some to be where, over 2,000 years ago, the residents of Nazareth attempted to push Jesus off the mountain after rejecting Him as their Messiah.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Shiayan said he's received positive feedback from his venture, not just from Arab Christians but from some Jews as well. Even the Israeli Tourism Minister, Uzi Landau, told him, "Start it and we will bless it."

He is also reportedly looking to create a Christian Arab political party in his country which he would like to call "Bnei Habrit" which means Allies of the Covenant. It would be "a Christian party of Israel" which would support Israel as a Jewish state and national or army service for Arabs.

Asked about the statue being viewed as idolatry, Shiayan responded, "I don't believe in statues, but it is a symbol of love and peace."