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Beyond the Green Jacket: Masters Winner Bubba Watson Gives God the Glory and Looks Forward to Time with Newly Adopted Infant Son
by Aimee Herd : Apr 10, 2012 : Paul Pettit – Christian Post

"I dreamed about it—my dreams just never went this far." -Bubba Watson

(Augusta, GA)—This must have been one wildly happy Easter for the young, self-taught professional golfer Bubba Watson.

Bubba dons the jacketNot only was he celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus as the committed Christian that he is, but he also won the 76th Masters, beating out the likes of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Louis Oosthuizen. (Photo: AFP Getty Images)

The Washington Post describes just how miraculous Watson's next to final shot—surrounded by pine trees—really was: "Before he arrived at his ball, he identified a path that others would deem preposterous. He pulled a wedge, and lashed at the ball, keeping it under the limbs, perhaps 15 feet off the ground, watching it rise when it reached the fairway. It then bent to the right, a swing of perhaps 40 yards, and settled on the green. …And when he tapped in for his par, the par that gave him the Masters, he sobbed immediately, and hard. Maybe someday, Bubba Watson will be able to teach his son that where others see peril, some can find opportunity. That's what dad did, and it made him the 2012 Masters champion."

Watson, 33, accepted the coveted green jacket of the Masters, saying, "First of all, I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Angie, Bubba and baby CalebJust days prior to Bubba's win of the Masters, though, his life had changed forever as he and his wife Angie welcomed home their infant son Caleb; the adoption finally coming through after a four-year process. (Photo: Bubba Watson/Twitter)

According to a Christian Post blog, Watson's success on the green is made even more stunning by the fact that "he has never had a formal golf lesson in his life, does not employ a sports psychologist, and is reported to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder."

Watson learned to play golf from his father Garry; beginning at just 6-years-old. His father died in 2010 from throat cancer, and after winning Sunday's Masters, Bubba said, "My dad's not here, but he's watching in Heaven."