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Rebecca St. James Runs the Ball for Purity & Tim Tebow on "Hannity"—and Gains Affirmation that America's Christian Values Are Still Alive and Well

Jackie Monahan : Dec 19, 2011 : MorningStar Productions/Rebecca St. James

"We need more people like you and Tim Tebow out there shining the light for Christ!!! Thank you for inspiring me and being a role model for me since I was 15!!!"

(New York, NY)?Rebecca St. James?Grammy? Award winning Christian singer and best-selling author, found herself on the receiving end of controversy this week?a controversy that began on FOX News Channel's "Hannity" with her Monday (12/12) appearance?and a discussion that led to her defense of the virtues of abstinence until marriage and the current national pre-occupation with Tim Tebow's display of Christianity on the football field.

Rebecca St. JamesLong an outspoken Christian values advocate with media, the discussion started surrounding Rebecca's latest book, What Is He Thinking???(Faithwords/Hachette) which espouses Christian values in dating and abstinence pre-marriage. (Photo:

Fellow "Hannity" co-chairs on the "Great American Panel"?political pundent and Fox anchor/correspondent Bob Beckel and actor turned Sirius XM radio host Jay Thomas?proved less than supportive of Rebecca's belief system on purity until marriage and her opinion that Tim Tebow is a role model for American youth. Thomas opined on the subject of abstinence that he believed in "test driving a car before you buy it," and on the subject of Tebow as a role model he quipped?"I have no interest in my sons being like Tim Tebow."

Noted Hannity, who has personally endorsed Rebecca's latest book: "Don't we make fun of people that have good values? If a guy tells you he's 28 and still a virgin?you're going to laugh at him!"

"That's right," retorted Thomas.

Rebecca noted in response to Thomas: "I'm sad for you that you'd laugh at him and I'm sad actually that you, as a parent, wouldn't want Tim Tebow as a role model for your kids. I think most people that are watching tonight would want a Tim Tebow as a role model for their kids?he's an outstanding young man with values and morals."

Facebook was alive post-"Hannity" with support of Rebecca's values?both the Fox News Network's program site?and Rebecca's own social universe.

Some of those comments included:

"Just watched you on Hannity tonight...awesome job, and thank you for standing up for the truth of Jesus and letting the world know the value and joy of purity by following Him! :)" -Faith

"I was praying for you, Rebecca!! You did a great job tonight on Hannity!!!! : ) I turn 28 next week, and I'm still waiting for my husband!! the Lord's timing! You were super encouraging! Thank you for standing strong!!! ...I really do feel sad for Mr. Jay and the other man on the show tonight and especially for their children!!! :( I'm praying for them!" -Jenny Maria

"Awesome job tonight on Hannity. :) You stood up strong against the guys on there who were really being harsh on your views. You have been a fantastic example to me and I'm so thankful for you!! :) I've never had a boyfriend and you have encouraged me in my journey of being patient and waiting for my husband. Thank you." ♥ -Kailey

"Rebecca, I saw you on Hannity tonight and just wanted to say that I respect and agree with your view point. I think that it is sick that the other panelists think the way they do. Also, if "trying out sex" before marriage guarantees a better marriage, than actors and actresses in Hollywood should have great marriages, RIGHT???? Thanks for being an outspoken virgin and staying the course. God bless you." -John

"Great job tonight on Hannity!!! I was so impressed how you held your own around those other 2 guys. Thank you so much for always being such strong and out spoken Christian:) We need more people like you and Tim Tebow out there shining the light for Christ!!! Thank you for inspiring me and being a role model for me since I was 15!!!" -Laura

Given a sampling of the outpouring of support, Rebecca called this week's "Hannity" experience, "Affirming that? viewers are proving Christian values are still strongly supported in America."

Click here to view Rebecca's "Hannity" appearance from 12-12-11:

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