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I bought this for you...

Paid Advertisement : Jun 2, 2018

I Bought This For You...

A few of the silly media groups are saying that Costco is "crazy".

But to wiser folks, it's clear that someone at this multibillion-dollar company sees what regular Americans have known forever.

Costco asked the question:

If you don't have your emergency food supply, who's going to feed you in a disaster?

See, Costco just announced their "high end" emergency food kit.

There's only one problem...

It costs an almost unreachable $6,000.

You read that right. Six thousand dollars.

Frankly, I'm happy big names like Costco are providing survival food. No one can pretend like having backup food is weird anymore.

The only problem is, big companies are notoriously inefficient. So they're charging WAY too much for their kit.

The truth is, survival food (even the premium kind) doesn't HAVE to be expensive.

That might sound a little crazy...

But I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.

"I Bought You A 72-Hour
Survival Food Kit!"

Yes, I bought you a 72-hour Survival Food Kit.

Yes, it's FREE for you.

Just pay the small shipping fee to get it to your door.

No strings attached. No hidden charges. No loopholes.

The fact of the matter is, I'm going to lose money on buying you a food kit. But I've been blessed and would like to help you prepare too.

Really, if you pay $6,000 to Costco you'll get an OK but overpriced kit...

But when you claim the 72-hour kit I've bought for you, you'll be getting top-notch, premium food, and only paying for shipping.

Click here and I'll buy you a 72-Hour Kit. Just pay shipping.

To your survival,

Frank Bates
Patriot Headquarters

P.S. This 72-Hour Kit is free to you. I'll buy it, you just pay shipping. But if you don't want it, that's fine. Please know that earlier this year I had MAJOR supply issues that forced me to slow down gifting these kits. If you don't take it now I can't promise it'll be there in the future.

P.P.S. I've bought more than 60,000 Americans a 72-hour kit. Here are a few of the notes they've sent me about the quality:

Arthur S.

As the world turns into a tailspin toward disaster the idea of prepping becomes very important. We started with a bit of this and that but soon realized most of it would become useless in a short time. With memories of WWII and the hunger winter of 1944 our efforts to prepare had to shift into higher gear, we learned about Food4Patriots and their high quality foods, preserved to last 25 years or more. We have been building on our preparation and even on our old age pension income have built up a supply of delicious food, even our boat is now stocked! It's not just good food but also terrific service and we are grateful for that, thank you!

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Chloe W.

Wow! We tried the cheesy rice as a "taste test" and we were blown away by its deliciousness! We love the fact it's packaged in such a way that it doesn't look like survival food, either. We have it tucked away (thanks to the compact stackable totes) and have peace of mind knowing it's there, if and when we need it!

Like · Comment · Share · 21 minutes ago

Rory H.

I was surprised to find that the densely packed packages were easy to prepare and were tasty as well. I definitely recommend having survival food on hand for the times when 'life' happens while we are planning other things.

Like · Comment · Share · 23 minutes ago

Barry L.

My favorite 72 hour food kit item is the Travelers Stew. Delicious and so easy to prepare. I have ordered kits for my grandchildren to get them interested in food supply for emergency use or just for convenience.

Like · Comment · Share · 32 minutes ago

Kevin S.

72 hour kit is a perfect starter kit for any scenario. Put one in your car, work bag, at home, or RV. If you want to start preparing safe food, here is where to start!

Like · Comment · Share · 36 minutes ago

Carol B.

Hey Frank, I have been iced in this weekend. I thought I would try my free sample of potato soup. To my utter delight ..... IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for such a wonderful product and the peace of mind it brings!

Like · Comment · Share · 41 minutes ago

Ken K.

I am not a full blown survivalist. I am not an idiot, either. I have been through enough in my life and have seen friends who have been through an emergency situation. Sure, sometimes it is only for a few days and I pray that it is never longer than that for you or me or anyone we know. Save up if you have to, but get at least a month's supply NOW. It tastes good although if it is that dire of an emergency, you will be happy to eat anything. IF you have something to eat for your family. Get some water, too, and something to heat it with. We made some of this product and had family and friends over for them to taste and they all agreed they never thought anything would be this good and they will be ordering. Just do something. You can't lose on this deal.

Like · Comment · Share · 45 minutes ago

Gary D.

Living in Florida we have a seasonal possibility of severe Tropical Storms having this ready supply of food will allow us to remain at home instead of being in a shelter.

Like · Comment · Share · 49 minutes ago

Justin A.

My wife and I tried the food and we were both surprised about how good it tasted and how satisfied it made us feel afterwards. It feels good knowing that I can provide for my family if a crisis arose and I intend to buy more in the future! Also the shipping and customer service has been top notch. Not only is this probably the cheapest survival food I have found, the company is great!

Like · Comment · Share · 53 minutes ago

Gary M.

I actually had lost my job and was homeless for a while. I dug into my food supply, and I cannot fully describe how delicious and easy to prepare everything is. I felt like I was eating like a king. I am going to stock up again as soon as I settle into my new job. Everyone should participate with this company. You will not be disappointed.

Like · Comment · Share · 57 minutes ago

Click here and I'll buy you a 72-Hour Kit. Just pay shipping.

**Note: You will not be ordering this item from Breaking Christian News. Your order will be processed on the 4Patriots site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

For More Information:


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